Where to Buy Honeybees

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Beekeeping 101

Bees on a honeycomb - Where to Buy Honeybees
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If you’re interested in starting beekeeping, you’ll need to buy bees. This article will discuss the different ways you can find and buy bees.

There are a few different ways to buy bees. You can buy them from a beekeeper, order them online, or buy them from a store. Read more on everything you need to know about where to buy bees.

How much do bees cost?

Bee packages can cost around $149.00, while a nucleus colony can cost around $179.00 compared to some online retailers.

The cost of bees varies depending on the type of bee, the format, and the retailer. Overall, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $200 on your bees.

When buying bees, it’s important to remember that you’re not just buying the bees themselves. You’re also buying the equipment you need to care for them. Beekeeping equipment can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. So, when budgeting for your beekeeping project, be sure to factor in the cost of both the bees and the equipment.

Best online bee suppliers

If you’re looking to buy bees online, below are a few reputable suppliers. We will also cover local buying options later in this article.

When buying bees, it’s important to buy from a reputable supplier. Be sure to do your research and read reviews before making your purchase. This will help you ensure that you get quality bees that arrive safely at your doorstep.

Where else can I buy honey bees?

Now that you know what type of bee you want and what format to buy them in, you need to decide where to buy them.

There are a few different options to purchase bees, like from beekeepers, online retailers, and stores, and to catch them naturally.


The best place to buy bees is from a beekeeper. Beekeepers have experience with bees and can help you get started with your new hive. You can find beekeepers in your area by searching online or asking around at your local hardware store.

Online retailers

If you cannot find a beekeeper in your area, you can buy bees online from an online retailer. Online retailers typically have a wider selection of bee types and formats than beekeepers.

Local stores

You can also buy bees from stores, although the selection is usually limited. Some stores that sell bees include Walmart and Target.

Set up a bait hive

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try to catch bees naturally. This is more difficult than buying them from a beekeeper or online retailer, but it can be done.

One way to catch bees is to set up a bait hive. A bait hive is a hive that’s filled with honey and other attractants that bees are attracted to. Once the bees find the bait hive, they’ll start to move in. You can then transfer the bees to your own hive.

Another way to catch bees is to capture a wild swarm. A swarm is a group of bees looking for a new home. Swarms typically happen in the spring and summer. If you see a swarm, you can capture it and transfer it to your own hive.

Now that you know where to buy bees, you’re one step closer to starting your own hive!

How to get your bees home safely

Shipping bees is actually really stressful for them, so it’s important to make sure they arrive at their new home safely. If you’re buying bees online, the retailer will ship them to you in a special box.

When your bees arrive, open the bee package immediately and release the bees into their new hive. Be sure to do this in the evening, when the bees are less active. Once the bees are in their hive, give them a few days to adjust to their new home before you start inspecting the hive.

Expect some bees not to make it through the shipping process. It’s not unusual for 10-20% of the bees in a bee package to die during shipping. So, when you buy bees, buy more than you need. That way, you’ll still have enough bees even if some don’t survive the trip.

What to know about buying a queen bee

If you’re starting a new hive, you’ll need to buy a queen bee. When buying a queen bee, be sure to purchase one from the same species as the worker bees in your hive. For example, if you have Italian worker bees, be sure to buy an Italian queen bee.

Queen bees can cost anywhere from $30 to $70. Be sure to factor the cost of the queen bee into your budget when starting a new hive.

Installing new queen bee into hive

When buying a queen bee, it’s also important to buy a marking tube. A marking tube is a small plastic tube used to mark the queen bee. This is important because it allows you to keep track of the queen bee and make sure she’s healthy and producing eggs. Marking tubes can be bought from most beekeeping suppliers.

Knowing how to introduce a queen bee to your hive is also important. Some bees may reject the new queen bee and try to kill her. To prevent this from happening, slowly introducing the queen bee to the hive is important. The best way to do this is to put her in a cage and place her in the hive for a few days. This will allow the bees to get used to her before she is released into the hive.

Bee types and species

Before you buy bees, you need to decide what type of bee you want. The two most common types of bees are honey bees and bumblebees.

Honey Bee On a White and Yellow Flower

Honey bees

Honey bees are the most popular type of bee for beekeepers. They’re easy to care for and produce a lot of honey. Honey bees come in different species, including the Italian honey bee, the Carniolan honey bee, and the Russian honey bee.

Each species has certain traits that make them better suited for different climate conditions. For example, the Italian honey bee is a good choice for warm climates, while the Carniolan honey bee does better in cooler climates. You can find all these honey bees for sale from beekeepers and online retailers.

Bumblebee On a Lavender Flower


Bumblebees are another popular type of bee. They’re not as common as honey bees, but they’re still a good choice for beekeeping. Bumblebees are native to North America and come in different species, including the common eastern bumblebee and the yellow-banded bumblebee.

The common eastern bumblebee is the most common type of bumblebee. It’s a good choice for beekeeping because it’s easy to care for and produces a lot of honey. The yellow-banded bumblebee is another popular type of bumblebee. This bee is native to the eastern United States and is a good choice for beekeepers in that area.

Various bee formats

Once you’ve decided on the type of bee you want, you need to decide what format you want to buy them in. The two most common formats are bee packages and nucleus colonies.

Beekeeper Installing Bee Package

Bee Package

Bee packages are a popular choice for beekeepers. They’re easy to care for and come with everything you need to get started, including a queen bee, worker bees, and a hive. Bee packages usually come with Italian honey bees or Carniolan honey bees.

Beekeeper Installing Nucleus Colony

Nucleus colony

Nucleus colonies are another popular choice for beekeepers. They are sometimes called “nuc” for short. They come with a queen bee and a few hundred worker bees. Nucleus colonies are a good choice for beekeepers who want to start with fewer bees. Regarding price range, a nucleus colony is slightly more expensive than bee a package.

When is the best time to buy bees?

The best time to buy bees is in the spring before the beekeeping season begins. This will give the bees time to adjust to their new hive and produce honey. Buying bees in the spring will also ensure that you have a healthy queen bee who can lay eggs and produce a strong colony.


Now that you’ve decided that beekeeping is for you, it’s time to buy bees! Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the different ways you can buy bees and what to look for when making your purchase. Beekeeping is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, and with a bit of forethought, you can ensure a successful start.

Read our beginners guide to beekeeping for more information how to successfully start a beehive.

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