Hello, friend! I’m tickled that you’ve landed on our buzzing online hive. Welcome to the wonderful universe of beekeeping – where the miracles of nature unfold, where the hum of hard-working bees fill our hearts with joy, and where we appreciate the golden honey, the gift of their tireless labor!

I’m Rick Dugmore, your guide and companion in this sweet adventure. From the first moment I saw bees buzzing around a blooming apple tree in my backyard, I’ve been enamored with these hard-working little miracles of nature. The love for these buzzing creatures led me to dive into the beekeeping world, a place I now call home.

A professional beekeeper with over a decade of experience, I’ve walked the path of trial and error, learned from every mistake and celebrated each triumph. From my humble beginnings as an apprentice in the local beekeeping association to obtaining my Master Beekeeper certification from the University of Montana, my journey has been filled with honey-sweet experiences and learning opportunities.

But it’s not just about degrees and certifications, it’s about a hands-on love for our buzzing friends. It’s about the thrill of seeing a queen bee for the first time, the joy of harvesting your first honey, the appreciation of bees’ hard work, and the pride in crafting sustainable, bee-friendly practices.

This website, our virtual hive, is a heartfelt attempt to share the knowledge I’ve gathered on this journey. Whether you’re an old hand at beekeeping, a beginner just testing the waters, or a nature enthusiast who admires these little wonders, you’re in the right place!

Filled with firsthand accounts from my backyard beekeeping escapades, easy-to-follow guides, and how-to articles, I’ve aimed to create a friendly, accessible space for you to learn and grow your passion for beekeeping.

I believe in building a community and love to connect with others who share our interest. Don’t hesitate to join the conversation, share your own stories, ask your queries, and let’s enrich our knowledge together.

I hope you’ll find this space to be a trusted resource, a companion, and an inspiration as you delve into the world of beekeeping. After all, we’re all in this sweet endeavor together, and I couldn’t be more delighted to have you here.

Remember, we’re just humble guardians of these tiny wonders. The true magic lies within the bees themselves.

So, settle into your favorite chair, enjoy a cup of tea sweetened with local honey, and let’s buzz through this journey together. It’s sure to be a “bee”-autiful adventure!

With love and honey,
Rick Dugmore

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